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Helping our community grow for over 60 years
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Helping our community grow for over 60 years
(785) 357-1281

Energy Savers

At Latta-Whitlow Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC., we believe that we have a responsibility to our clients to educate ourselves in all aspects of their home and businesses. One of our responsibilities is educating ourselves on high efficiency and energy savings recommendations.

As you can see from our heating and cooling pages, we offer top of the line, high efficiency equipment. At Latta-Whitlow, we have pushed energy savings way past just high efficiency equipment. Of course, the ultimate way to save energy is to keep the heating and cooling equipment from coming on.

What has Latta-Whitlow done to be the most knowledgeable, energy expert company? Latta-Whitlow has two certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) auditors on staff. Randy and Marshall are not only BPI certified but State of Kansas certified. Latta-Whitlow Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC. has been doing energy audits and using the industry standard J Manual since 1992! We are not new to this.

What this means to you is when you have Latta-Whitlow, LLC. come to your home, we know what we are doing. With over 60 years experience, the proper equipment, and the proper attitude to get the job done, Latta-Whitlow, LLC. is the HVAC company you can rely on. On top of all this, we love what we do!


1. What is the number one way that I can save energy?

There are many ways to save energy. Our expertise and experience shows one way that stands out on its own:  Replacing an old furnace with a new high efficiency furnace. Believe it or not, this really does save you money and energy. We have clients that have saved as much as 35%!

2. Is it true that I can get an energy audit for only $100?

Westar did have a program for their clients and they only paid $100 for energy audits, if their home qualified; however, it no longer exists. Call today and ask about our own program and discounts.

3. I’ve heard of Efficiency Kansas, but I don’t understand the program. What is it?

Efficiency Kansas was a financing program through the State Energy Office at the KCC. However, this program no longer exists.

4. You have mentioned a thermal imaging camera. What, exactly, is that?

Why, it’s our new favorite toy! With our thermal imaging camera, we can show you pictures of your home or business that show “cold”, “hot,” or “water” spots. This is kind of like taking an x-ray. The camera is pointed to any area and a picture appears on the screen. The red on the screen represents heat or hot, and the blue represents cool or cold. It’s really cool!

5. Okay, you like your new camera, but what does it have to do with saving me energy?

We can use our camera to locate air leaks coming into your home or business. We can also see inside walls to see if the insulation has settled or was not properly installed. The camera can pinpoint the exact location of trouble. By locating the trouble area, we can correct the problem and turn a room that was previously uncomfortable, comfortable.

6. What’s a “blower door” test?

A blower door test is a test that puts your home or business into a vacuum. Essentially, your home or business is put into negative pressure. A smoke pen will be used around all windows, doors, outlets, and seams. Any air leaks will cause a disturbance in the smoke steam. This indicates the location of air infiltration into your home or business.

7. What kind of insulation do you recommend for my attic?

We always recommend what we would put in our homes. We prefer cellulose insulation. Cellulose is fire retardant, repells insects, mold, and seals air leaks. Unlike fiberglass insulation, no warning has been issued for cellulose. Cellulose has a good R-Value. Cellulose is a “green” item with the main ingredient being recycled newspapers.

8. How do I know if I need attic insulation?

There are two ways and they are both easy. The first way is to call us for a free attic inspection. The second way is to go outside the morning after it snows. Look at the roof of your home; has the snow melted away? If your neighbor’s roof still has snow and you don’t, the odds are you are losing the heat from your home though the attic. If you have snow on your roof and the neighbors don’t, they may be losing heat though their attic.

9. What do I get for taking the time to read your information?

If you have read the entire Energy Savers page it means one of two things: Either I’m a very good writer, or you are very serious about energy savings. I don’t think it’s because I’m a good writer. If you call for your free attic insulation estimate, we will deduct $2.00 off per bag of insulation that we install. That’s a big saving since the average house needs around 60 bags! Just mention this information to us and receive $2.00 off each bag of insulation.