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  • Commitment. I pledge to give 100% effort to contribute to the profitable success of Latta-Whitlow, LLC. I am fully committed to the vision, mission and culture of our company, our clients and our fellow team members.
  • Ownership. I take full responsibility for my actions and their outcome in my work and personal life. I understand that if changes need to be made, I must be the one to make these changes.
  • Integrity. I speak only the truth. I keep my promises. I do not make promises that I cannot keep. If an agreement cannot be honored, I will contact the client and the company so we can come to an agreement immediately.
  • Consistency. I am consistent in all of my actions. Our clients and my teammates know what to expect when they work with me. My temperament is consistent at home and at work.
  • Communication. I will be clear in understanding our client’s needs and how to serve them in the most timely and effective manner. I will listen carefully and ask questions to ensure optimal solutions are developed. I will speak to our clients and teammates with courtesy and respect.


  • Systems. I always look to the system for a solution. If an existing system does not apply, I use my experience to handle the situation. I work within the system, and I support all systems of Latta-Whitlow, LLC.
  • Learning. I understand work provides daily learning experiences. I expect to learn something every day of my life. And, I will assist my team members in learning.
  • Teamwork. I am a team player who contributes to our team. I take interest in my teammates. I am flexible with my time and will help others when they need my assistance. I am an asset to our team and favorably influence my teammates in positive ways. When we work as a team, all systems function properly, allowing us to solve large problems.
  • Success. I confidently expect to succeed at my job. At times, I will have to leave my comfort zone for new experiences that will lead to more successes. I also will assist my team members to be successful. I understand that other team members’ successes are for the greater good of Latta-Whitlow, LLC and our clients. We all gain from each other’s success.
  • Excellence. I strive to be the best I can be and help make Latta-Whitlow, LLC the pre-eminent heating and cooling company in the area. My mindset is thinking in the long-term. I am constantly thinking of how to completely master my work skills and improve as a worker and person.
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  • Balance. I take a balanced approach to my life. I understand my work life and private life must co-exist for me to have a fulfilling life. I understand by completing my work effectively and efficiently, I can have quality time with my family and friends.
  • Fun. My life is fun. I enjoy my work and private time. I see life as a journey with many experiences. I enjoy life and make the best of life’s situations.
  • Gratitude. I appreciate all that I have. I know I am blessed. I say “thank you.” I take my health seriously. I show appreciation and take nothing for granted. I understand Latta-Whitlow, LLC and our clients provide for my financial needs. I am grateful for my work, health and family.
  • Abundance. I understand my abundance. It is easy for me to give and receive. I understand my work and actions bring comfort to others. I respect what I have and what others have. I realize my abundance and security co-exists with my work.
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